Install it

assay-it is an open source command line utility. The utility automates testing of loosely coupled topologies such as serverless applications, microservices and other systems that rely on interfaces, protocols and its behaviors. It does the unit-like testing but in distributed environments.

Easiest way to install the latest version of utility using brew

brew tap assay-it/homebrew-tap
brew install -q assay-it
Visualization of installation process

Code It

The utility uses testing suites to check correctness and makes the formal proof of software components quality in the distributed environments.

Testing suites are type safe and pure functional test specification of protocol endpoints exposed by software components. The command requires the suite development using Golang syntax implemented by แต๐Ÿ†„๐Ÿ†๐Ÿ…ป library but limited functionality is supported with Markdown documents.

Generate the example test suite:

        assay-it testspec > suite.go
See other example on GitHub

Run It

Run the the quality assessment with assay-it eval suite.go. The utility automatically downloads imported modules, compiles suites and outputs results into console.

assay-it eval suite.go

==> testing
|-- PASS: main.TestHttpBinGet (325.187959ms)
PASS main
Visualization of completed quality check

Test in Production. Confirm Quality & Eliminate Risks.

Quality assurance of distributed applications is more complex than doing it for other one. Engineering teams spend twice as much time for maintaining testing environments and mocking cloud dependencies instead of building a loyal relationship with their customers, assay-it has you covered.

See on GitHub