Manual, on-demand testing of microservices

With assay-it you can check quality of any HTTP(S) endpoints deployed either to public to private clouds. Manual, on-demand testing implies starting of testing suites by engineers whenever is needed.


  • deployed target HTTP(S) endpoints

Designing test suite

Make decision what is testing intent of the application (e.g. api specification helps on this). For example, our intent test existence of the following resources:

Use assay-it to generate test specification

assay-it testspec -f go \ \ \ \ > suites.go

Alternatively, you can implement suites

package suites

import (
  ƒ ""
  ø ""

func TestDocHowItWorks() http.Arrow {
  return http.GET(

Run testing

assay-it eval suites.go

==> testing
==> PASS: TestDoc (213.525539ms)
==> PASS: TestDocIntroduction (31.773183ms)
==> PASS: TestDocHowItWorks (213.525539ms)
==> PASS: TestDocUserGuide (26.340668ms)
PASS	main (271.63939ms)