Command Line Application

Built automation pipelines and CI/CD integrations with assay cli utility.

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Use go get to download and install the cli into $GOPATH/bin.

go get

The application requires personal access key to access api, you can generate a key from your profile.

The built-in help shows how to use supported features:

assay help

Confirm quality of existing deployment with run command. It takes a latest snapshot of suites from the repository and runs them against specified endpoint.

assay run facebadge/ \
  --url \
  --key Z2l0aHV...bWhaQQ

Integrate with CI/CD using webhook command. The command supports pull-request like integration, allowing to run suites from explicitly defined reference at the repository.

assay webhook \
  --base facebadge/ \
  --head facebadge/ \
  --number '#123' \
  --title 'awesome feature' \
  --url \
  --key Z2l0aHV...bWhaQQ

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